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Meisen artificial Turf--2014 HongKong houseware Fair
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Meisen artificial turf features:
1, have good flexibility and adequate buffering capacity.
2, breathable permeable.
3, greatly reducing maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water conservation requirements.
4, environmental compliance, lawn layer can be recycled.
5, increased exercise area, reducing noise on the playground, and has shock absorption, reduced role, to meet the requirements of open teaching.
6, economical and practical, one can ensure that more than seven years into the life of almost no follow-up maintenance costs.
7, construction and installation of short, quick.

Meisen strength Acer thick artificial grass:
Meisen artificial turf, grass system has many years of experience, to participate in a variety of major exhibitions at home and abroad, and received numerous awards, Matson is committed to providing the highest quality artificial grass, in this exhibition, we show Matson preferred products. In the exhibition we show the stadium, recreation sites, and many other applications of artificial grass, grass made ​​12 years of experience has made us more confident to shine at the Convention of.



Meisen artificial grass products Scope:
The venue is suitable for key high schools, universities and professional sports teams in the competition and training venues, and the need to organize international competitions sports center, football training base, and hockey and other professional events.
Applicable to all types of leisure grass landscape decoration and leisure venues, such as a roof garden, pet area, balcony patio, playground, display windows, living area, nursery, swimming pool, yacht, parks, landscaping, sidewalk yacht cruises, hospitals, health path , highway landscaping, pet mats, summer sun heat, indoor scenery, real estate landscape, leisure club, studio background cloth.

Meisen artificial grass can be customized to draw patterns:
Meisen in a customer-first philosophy, can be based on customer requirements, to draw the appropriate pattern, characters, color; make artificial turf different, please contact us:

Customer Service Hotline 0750 -6891868


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