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Engineering measuring and lineation
1.Basic engineering checking and acceptance.Removal the debris,if uneven, if shallbe repaired in leveling.
Construction of paved areas shall be clean indeed,to ensure that the environment clean and construction quality.
According to the rules of design planning,mark line of construction areas.
2.Measure the size of around facilities of the construction areas with steel tape,adjust to appropriate requirement.
  Drawing and sticking court ruled lines,keep theline straight.
  Put turf tile in accordance with the original specifications on the base of construction area,lap over3-8mm.
  Cutting flush of the lapped turf by special knife,Joints should not exceed 10mm.
  Placement the joint type under cutting areas,brush glue on the joints bonding,when surface dry then stuck firm.

Bonding preparation and adhesive technology
1.The surface of to be bonded of the artificial turf,joint type,and so on must be dry without water.
2.The ambient temperature should be chosen above 5 for construction.Don't construct in rain or in the rainy weather,which should be caused too long time adhibition and even lead to non-stick adhesive phenomenon.

Construction process
1.Coating:brush glue on the surface,uniform thickness,can not be repeated coating,or else,it will be blister or even peel off.Base fabric coated with glue,strictly control the thickness of glue,keep appropriate speed,brush the glue on bonding surface.
2.Adhesion:According to the practical temperature,humidity and other conditions of the practical implications to reasonable control of drying time.Generally 5-15 minutes after glue,touch the surface,feeling dry is okay.Stick finished one-time bonding.Must not be moved come-and-go.
3.Pressure:the bonding is completed, remove the surface debris,press to the surface stronger bond.
4.Solidifying:The solidifying time is generally in one day,and two days to the ultimate strength.Therefore,pay attention to the solidifying period,avoid too much exposure,flooding,and movement,in order to achieve the best adhesion.
5.After the cementation and before quartz sand sprinkled,clean the debris from turf surface.
Quartz sand and rubber pavement technology(Football)
1.Sand filling process:quartz sand filling with special equipment,make the grass keep endlong,not be lodge and remaining the grass 2-3cm height on surface,then paving rubber granules.
2.Remove any impurities found in pavament.After quartz sand filling,brush the surface with special equipment for quartz sand fully dense and substantial.
3.Completed the laying of quartz sand,check surface and appropriate to fill.
4.Fill in the rubber granules based on the process as the quartz sand filling.

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