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Artificial turf overcomes the difficulties of natural grass
published date: 2014/4/13      Hits: 2193

Artificial grass overcomes the difficulties of natural grass:
One is unable to grow in extreme climatic conditions;
Two is the number of countries and regions due to economic reasons can not pay the high cost of maintenance;
Three is unable to grow in some sports stadium with the roof. Besides these, artificial grass has the characteristics of high frequency of use, easy paving, simple maintenance, water fast, these advantages make the artificial grass has a broad development space, much to replace the natural grass trend!
With the development of the market, artificial grass has undergone great changes in materials, technology, construction and other aspects, these changes are for the purpose of the artificial grass in the sports performance closer to the natural grass, probably can be divided into the following stages:
The first stage: the nylon materials, the shape of the carpet, poor flexibility, without the protection of athletes, easy injury;
The second stage: the PP based materials, and the filling of quartz sand particles, high hardness,
The third stage: the PE based materials, the filling of quartz sand, also filled with rubber particles, natural grass elasticity, exercise performance;
The fourth stage: the FIFA certification as a standard, pay attention to the basis, construction, system construction, this stage in addition to mesh products, also appeared in the straight and curved mixing and other products, materials are PE and PP mixed, mixed with nylon PE, to further enhance the performance of motion;
The fifth stage: the single grass, in addition to the pursuit of sports performance, but also the pursuit of a more ideal appearance, but also emphasize system construction.
The current market is composed of fourth stage to the fifth stage of development.

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