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Artificial turf maintenance and maintenance
published date: 2014/4/13      Hits: 2245

Artificial turf maintenance and maintenance process and the traditional grassland in different ways, the site needs to be (rest) concept is no longer used, but the proper maintenance and extend the service life and beautiful degree of grassland.
The following points will help you maintain the artificial turf
Keep the site clean, clean the place in time of need.
To ensure that there is enough bins for the movement of personnel.
Control the using frequency of the site.
Keep the adjacent areas no garbage, debris, mud, dirt and oil spill.
The court erected "smoking is prohibited, prohibited food approach" logo.
Timely repair of small injury.
Don't put the vehicle is stopped on the ground, especially in the heat of the day, or the vehicle is stopped in the wet grass for a long time.
The grass such as super heavy use, place should be special arrangements for plywood and fiber to protect turf.
Comply with the maintenance and cleaning procedures.
Golf, mobile shooting, javelin, discus, long spike firing.
Fireworks, welding etc.
The use of metal brush in the wrong way.
Load exceeds 3PSI (position) or 35PSI (dynamic)
Inappropriate use of cleaning equipment, methods or materials
High pressure water jet over 300PSI
Non pneumatic tire for vehicle
Unlike the sand injection mode requirements
Basic requirements:
The initial installation is completed, need at least two weeks for processing and stable grass fiber. In this period of time can be sports, but we suggest that heavy equipment and all unnecessary traffic vehicles don't into sports field. Moreover, in this period of time, the cleaning time is reduced to a minimum and not cleaning in hot weather.
In addition, filled with rubber particles than natural grass grass, in order to achieve the best use and weathering performance often take several weeks after. This time not only requires the fiber yarn woven into the artificial grass surface and deep need for particles filled, so as to achieve a comfortable, ideal for the long-term movement.
Cleaning and decontamination:
The rain is your best cleaner, rainwater can gently cleaning the dust off the grass fiber and dispersion of pollutants. SiBoTe cleaning need most is the timely removal of field generated in the use of garbage. Use promptly after vacuuming paper, peanut, melon seeds, tape will be easier.
Stain removal:
In most resistant fiber polyethylene fiber is well known as the most stains caused by moist, but not wet pe. Most of the polyethylene fiber (stain) with water or soapy water wash on the line.
1, strong cleaning brush with fiber
2, scrub with soap and water
3, with water and rinse thoroughly with soap and water
4, if necessary with absorbent towel blot
Note: do not use more than 300PSI powerful gun jet which will damage on grassland

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