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How to improve the service life of artificial turf?
published date: 2014/4/13      Hits: 2395

1, choose the lawn stage
For the selection of the lawn to have enough attention, now the lawn industry competition is intense, in order to order some manufacturers will use unscrupulous divisive tactics to reduce costs, formula, wire grass grass silk generous, lawn back glue of Jerry, shoddy (bottom cloth across the lawn junction plays a key role in the system, the last layer to Gaza net cloth, so as to ensure the bottom cloth in the winter is not deformation, cracking) and the choice of the heavy quality, credibility, brand, the strength of the lawn enterprise is very necessary.
2, the construction of choice stage
Choose a formal construction team. The formal construction team (especially excellent project managers) plus advanced bedding equipment, is the construction quality assurance, and informal construction team that rely on the manual work, without the advanced equipment to ensure the quality, it is certainly no guarantee. Generally speaking, do come out of the ground are rough, uneven.
3, the basic construction stage
On the basis of artificial turf requirements is not high, cement, asphalt, asphalt mainly north. But the most important is to meet: A. flatness based surface layer 30mm, horizontal error less than 2mm. B. turtle breaking degree must be adequate, to 2-3%, so that the water can quickly.
The 4 stage, filling materials
4.1 to choose to comply with regulations and environmental protection accessories
1). Quartz sand: the main quartz sand should be rounded, to the greatest extent protect grass silk, and now some companies use some crushed stone and sand, and gravel are sharp, yellow sand with a large number of debris, are undoubtedly a great damage to the turf.
2 rubber particles)
A. rubber particles must add enough, add enough way can not meet the requirements for space elasticity, will bring damage to players, to a little grass silk friction particles directly in the quartz sand, great influence on grass silk life certainly.
B. rubber particles must be environmental protection. Now some companies are using without crumb rubber desulfurization, sun, a corrosive effect on grass silk is very strong.
5, the site after the completion of the site maintenance
1). To use the site can not be too frequent, as some schools of tens of thousands of people at a site, always in use, the better grass silk use fixed number of year is not long.
2). Site must be no smoking, no fires, no fruit snacks.
3). A monthly site cleaning, cleaning like paper, leaves, shells and other foreign bodies in time.
4). Every half year site preparation a, see the seams are loose, degumming off-line.
 5). See if there is heavy rain washed the filler amount loss, timely fill.


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